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Fabian Bork is a young upcoming composer and producer based in Berlin.
It is virtually impossible to categorize his musical work into a special genre due to the diversity of his musical projects. His musical pieces reveal many elements of film music / soundtrack and Hip-Hop.

In 2012 he founded the „Dreammaker Music“ project in order to present his musical works to the broad public. As a co-producer, he helped to drive the international charity project “Composers for Relief” forward. Recently he has translated a variety of musical projects from the initial idea to the final realisation for national as well as several international companies.
For examples of his work, please have a look at his "recent projects".


Where words fail, music speaks.

Hans Christian Andersen


Fabian was asked by Sartorius to write a motivational pop hymn for the company.
After setting up a team of talented artists, he composed and arranged the song customized to the corporate philosophy.

After recording and mixing the music with high quality equipment (Neumann U87, SPL Outboard Equipment) it was used for the Sartorius congress.

You can listen to an excerpt below.



Fabian co-composed the music for an internal advert for the company twitter.
Besides co-composing he also delivered piano performances for the music.


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